As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Monarch Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

Richard & Stella Foley

James helped me buy my dream home, negotiated the best deal and was there for me even after closing, helping me find reputable contractors for upgrades and a pool. Best realtor ever. Now I'm enjoying the resort life style and I'm glad to know that honest and faithful realtors like James still exist and go above and beyond for their clients. Great family man too, so he knows what it means to build a community of great friends and family.

Mike & Kathy Kleine

Had the pleasure of working with James as we put up for sale and sold our home in Dana Point.  The advice, presentation and marketing of home was extremely professional and timely with current market environment.
However, what sets James apart was an unforeseen health issue that arose for me personally right after we signed the papers and James had sunk thousands of dollars into marketing etc.
James never once brought up contract, as we had to put everything on hold for awhile, but instead was solely focused on my health.  This took any outside concerns away and allowed me to focus on getting stronger after surgery.  A month and half later we were able to pick up where we left off and sell our home to a wonderful couple.  
You would be hard pressed to find someone that knows the southern CA real estate market as well as James but even more hard pressed to find a better PERSON.
Mike Kleine

Tom Sheltraw

James is definitely a high class individual.  It is not every day that you meet someone who cares about their clients in a way that builds respect enhances credibility.  James is one of those guys.

William Huff, Jr

If you have ever bought or sold a home, you know how important a good real estate agent/broker can be to a smooth transaction that leaves you happy.

Unfortunately - not all real estate agents are created equally; real estate professionals are NOT a commodity and James is an example of EXACTLY what you want in a real estate pro.

What makes James different from the rest of the crowded real estate field is his combination of easy-going personality, sense of humor, ability to connect and communicate with all parties involved AND his expertise as a veteran of hundreds of real estate transactions.

When you merge that with his law background and years of experience in business, you get someone that knows the little ins-and-outs of almost every real estate scenario PLUS someone that can easily communicate it to you and help you navigate any potential delays or problems.

After you work with James, you won't work with anyone else when it comes to you or your family's real estate needs.

Rhonda Buckner

James is committed to finding you the home of your dreams. He is knowledgeable about south Orange County realty and the community at large. While he is the consummate professional, he also exhibits warmth, humor and patience when trying to locate your dream home for you in the price range you want. Thanks James!

Jarvis Earl

James did whatever it took to get the house we wanted. He was there every step of way, giving advice, and checking in daily. He was very competent and efficient. Buying a house can be a roller coaster, James was a positive, calming, and rational presence throughout the entire process.

John Brynjolfsson

As long as I've known James he has been an goal oriented overachiever applying his tireless work ethic to server his clients, family and friends.

In addition to applying his extensive experience across industries, and in varied situations to provide good counsel to real estate investors, his focus on gaining expertise and knowledge works to the advantage of his clients.

They benefit from his mastering of social media, the Internet, and technology, to bolster his rare aptitude for reading people, penchant for assessing the situation, and his disarming personality.

The result is transactions, finding them, and bring them close, while leaving everyone ecstatic that James was involved

For those who meet James, they will know (given his 6'4" frame) that the label the "the gentle giant" fits him figuratively and literally!

Brian Mandel

I have referred two clients to James and he has surpassed expectations both times. He is a good listener and pays attention to the details, and has the experience, personality, and creativity to successfully work with difficult situations. I'm thankful to have James as a real estate resource!

Victor Santana

James is a very proffessional individual, and builds relationships on the foundation of trust and creativines, always begining with the end in mind. I have know James for over 20 years and have always seen him succeed in all type on endeavors raising to the top because of true commitment to his customers wich most of us know are treated by James like a big Family because of that personal touch and attention to detail is his success. Victor Santana

Denise & Steve Hart

James assisted us with finding our new home. He was patient and  listened closely to our price constraints, size and location requirements. He also provided sound advice on appropriate offers so we acquired the house we wanted! 
I would highly recommend his services as a trusted realtor.

Jerry Bue

James is a true professional that is not only hard working but also trust worthy in every way. If you pick James for your real estate needs he will exceed your expectations.

Dean Miles

Working with James is a great pleasure. He's trusting, understands the market, and what it takes to get the best deal for his clients. I would recommend James to all my friends and family.

Dr. Maryam Haeri

James is very easy to chat with and clearly knows his profession's ins and outs. He is also a very good person who will look after his client's best interest. Among his many strengths as a broker are his no-holds-barred honesty, in-depth knowledge of the market, connections to reputable third parties, negotiation savvy, unrelenting hard work, and true passion for real estate. James clearly puts the interest of the buyer first and turns what could be a long and painful process into a pleasure. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, go with James. You won't regret it.

Dr. Joseph Preziosi

I have worked with James for last three years.  Not only has he been a great resource for myself, He has also worked with clients I have sent his way.  The feed back is always the same, that he professional, honest and conducts his businness with the highest ethical standards.

Joseph P.

Gregg Jones

My experience and interaction with James has been valuable. He comes from a place of professionalism first and then unfolds with follow through, personality, compassion and friendship. He walks with intention, integrity and value in his professional work and personal life. he is a valued colleague and has become a friend. I encourage potential new clients to work with him and I personally endorse him on a professional and personal level in regard to all my interaction with him.

Mits Arayama

James is very knowledgeable in Real Estate Industry.  Although James is a Broker with law degree, he explain to me in detail regarding real estate market trend in my area the language that I understand.  I was very impressed that James is not only an experienced Realtor but, also very passionate about his family.  I can always trust a family person.

Djonnie Malasie

James is a very knowledgeable Realtor who has a law degree.  You know your agreement will have the T's crossed and I's dotted.  I cannot say enough about how professional he is!  James is a pleasure to work with and is always available to answer my questions.

Doug Kendall

When speaking with James, it's becomes immediately obvious that he knows the market and his knowledge is always current. He is as much a consultant to those he represents as he is their realtor. I trust his advice and highly recommend his services.

Al Kash

James has a reputation that proceeds him, he not only gets the job done, but he does the job. If a home is in your future then Mr.Scarcelli should be too!

Michael Valanos

I have been associated with James for over 20 years and have found him to be a superior performer in Sales and especially in Sales Management. Very focused in providing not only results, but also the very best in client satisfaction. Not only that but he is really a "Nice Guy".

Susan Perrine

James is a conscientious and very personable professional. I have greatly enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him as a fantastic real estate professional who is dedicated to providing the highest level service possible.

Brenda Sifodaskalakis

James has great commitment to the needs of his clients. He can identify and analyze an investment opportunity with accuracy. He has an honest and trust worthy approach that makes him feel like a neighbor.

Leslie Quinn

I have worked with James in the past. He is professional, organized, and always has the clients' best interest at heart. James always goes above and beyond to assist anyone needing him.

Yasuku (Yasko) Kawamura

Although James is based in South Orange County, when I needed some help with out of state real estate James put together a group in the other end of the continent right away using his network. I highly recommend him not just for local real estate but also any help with out of state properties.

Chris King

James is know to me because we belong to the same networking group BNI. To be a member of BNI it is critical that you offer tremendous service and stand by your products or services. Jim is well know for doing both. He is an excellent communicator within his business and is considered by many as the best Realtor in South Orange County. He is known to go above and beyond in helping his clients sell or buy their dream property. His follow up and positve forward actions allow his clients to relax and reap the benefits of his vast years of service.
If you need to sell or buy call Jame's and sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. You will be happy that you did.

George Meadows

James was very professional when working with him. He is very honest and dependable. I would recommend him to anyone needing help in the Real Estate Industry.

Debra Van Der Weide

I highly recommend James as your real estate broker.

Michael Ponzi

James prides himself on providing his clients with outstanding customer service.

Jim Olmsted

James is a true professional paying close attention to detail. His goal is to satisfy the goals of the client first and foremost. Anyone choosing James as their realtor will will be vary impressed with his ability quickly identify what works for the client, and equally as important what does not.

Al Rodriguez

James is one of the most professional real estate agents I have ever worked with. He takes the time to find out what type of home the client is looking for. His familiarity with the area and his years of expertise makes him an excellent, knowledgable negotiator. I would highly recommend Mr.Scarcelli to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Gary Bridge

James is always the consummate professional and I can highly recommend his Real Estate expertise.

Lucy Vernon

James offers the complete package: knowledge,experience, excellent customer service and an ability to get the job done. He is passionate about doing a great job and ensuring his clients are happy. He wants clients for life and does everything he can to make that come true.

Terry Orsland

James is one of the most ethical people I know. I trust him completely and wouldn't consider any real estate transaction without him at my side.

Seth Drootin

James is the utmost professional and expert when it comes to Real Estate. He helped me find my first home in 2009 when the short sale process was very difficult to navigate through. He was extremely patient and persistent in helping me purchase my first home. I highly recommend James Scarcelli for your next Real Estate transaction.

Brett Dalbeth

I've known James for several years within the Real Estate industry and I've had the opportunity to work with him on more than one occasion. James is a very polite professional that serves his clients well, and just an all around nice guy. If I was in need of recommending a REALTOR® to a close friend or family member, James would be one of the select few I would choose to trust.

Bob Donnelly

James is a very thorough real estate professional. He knows the market and really takes time to know the needs of his customers. That leads to great outcome. Highly recommend.

Michael Dadjou, PhD., CxA, LEED AP

James is one of the top Realtor in South Orange County. He provides quality work and the result will please you for a long time to come.

Wally Malesh

James is a dedicated professional with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make real estate deals happen! He puts his customers first and always delivers excellent service.

Jerry & Randi Bue

  My wife and I have dealt with some very good real estate brokers in the past but we have never experienced a broker like James. He always goes out of his way and puts
the Personal Touch in acquiring a home. He knows how important it is to make the buyer feel great about their purchase. We will definitely be using Scarcelli Real Estate Group for any future home purchases.

Brian Hannigan

James is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable about Real Estate and the current market and is dedicated to fulfilling his client's needs, wants and desires.

Bill Brown

James established objectives resulting in the organization success. His effective communications and interpersonal skills created a positive work environment.

Karen Albro

James is great on the details and gets the job done!

Michael Major

I worked with James almost 30 years ago when I first moved to California. He has proved to be an exceptional sales representative with his ability to go the extra mile. He’s always provided extraordinary customer service and I’ve witnessed his administrative, sales and communication skill, not to mention his proficiency and expertise and awareness in whatever brand he was representing at the time.

James was motivated and enthusiastic from the very start by developing good relations with all the staff and associates he's worked with. It doesn't matter the industry, he’s well accomplished and will advance any organization’s mission. He’s acted very professional in every aspect of his business relationships and I would imagine the real estate industry as a whole. I enjoyed working with him and so much so, ended up purchasing all my vehicles from him until he left the industry. We've remained friends through all those business transactions and since we worked together all those years ago.

I always look forward to seeing him when he calls to say hello or to share information and new ideas, which seems, he’s always willing to do. And although I haven't purchased any real estate from him yet, he will be the friend I contact when it comes time for me to purchase real estate. I couldn’t recommend a better human being at this point. Character, integrity, honesty, reliability are just a few qualities James possesses and I couldn't recommend a more qualified human being to have on my side.


Michael Major, PGA
Torrey Pines Staff Professional

Tamara Smith

HI have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing James through BNI, Business Networking International. Getting to know James in the networking arena has been a very pleasant and positive experience. He is at all time very professional, very comfortable and friendly to talk to, and it's clear he is there to help you in a way he can. I would highly recommend him as a realtor and great business connection/partner. Tamara Smith, Smith Photography, Inc.

Ruth Howard

James is more than just a hard working real estate agent; James has experience, understanding and insight that can make a huge difference when buying and selling real estate.

You should always call James Scarcelli.

Jessica Pinon-Garcia

James has the upmost "patience" and amazing "listening skills" when it comes to "client relations". He's very knowledgable, and will always strive for the BEST result. His big smile, and very approachable demeanor makes it comfortable and easy for anyone to work with him.

Kevin McManus

James was instrumental in assisting me with a trade-in and sale at Family Toyota. He made the entire experience a pleasant one and he was a pleasure to work with.

Marc S.

James is the consumate professional. He won't rest until you are completely satisfied.

Peter Valadez

James was a client of my for many years and he continues to be a friend of mine....James is always professional and personable.

I would highly recommend James for any real estate brokering needs.

Thank you,

Peter Valadez

Darrick Starling, Marketing-Operations

James knowledge of the Real Estate business is impressive. No matter where your are in Orange County, CA, he knows the market and what it will take to sell or buy a home in that specific area. His ability to research is impressive.

Joanna Barker

James is the consummate real estate professional: well informed, actively involved on behalf of his clients, and looking to build long term relationships, which means he is going to be there for you now and in future years. You can feel comfortable knowing James is working for you!

Gary Tackett

James Scarcelli is an exceptional Sales Leader who leads by example with integrity and enthusiasm. James is a consumate team player and is well respected by peers, customers and the community.

It has been my pleasure to work with James in both the Automotive and Real Estate industries for over 5 years. During that time, I have learned from him and seen others benefit from his superior sales strategies and leadership. He is a Winner! We wholeheartedly recommend James Scarcelli!.

Bill Brown

I have the highest personal and professional regard for James. He is committed and results oriented. Without reservation I recommend James for all opportunities that are available in his current field.

Boker and Jayne Yaruss

James is professional and detail oriented. He knows how to get the job done! Just what you want in a Real Estate Agent!

Ruth Howard

You won't find a better Real Estate Agent than James. He has unbelievable integrity, he pays close attention to his clients specific request, and he always, always, always put his clients needs before his own. Trust is the most important thing when buying and selling your home.

Cheryl Hernandez

I appreciate the care and professionalism of James Scarcelli. He not only KNOWS his business extremely well; he cares to do what is RIGHT for his clients, above and beyond the norm. (He even sent a birthday card to me on my birthday...who does that?) With such an important life transition, you really need to work with someone you can trust. You're in wonderful hands with the Scarcelli Group when buying or selling your home.

Nichole Lowe

James is a top notch Broker and all around great guy to know. He has a tremendous amount of passion and knowledge about the OC housing market and has limitless connections. I love his personal hands-on style, it's like doing business with someone you have known for years! And James has incredible follow-through!

Mike Martin

James is a results oriented professional in Southern California real estate with much expertise and highly personable.

Jim Donahue

James is customer oriented with effective skills in helping to get people what they want.

Bob Donnelley

James has been someone that I have been able to count on from the time that I have known him. His values and integrity make dealing with him a pleasure.

Robert Holder

James is someone I highly respect and admire for his proffesionlism and ethics. A strong motivator and exceptional teacher who inspires you to succeed. I was given my opportunity as F&I manager directly from James and will always be greatful.

Tracy Ellinghoff

I have worked with James for about 18 months. He is a great Realtor, honest, and hard working. He works with Keller Williams which is the second largest real estate company in the United States now.

Petrinia A

We are so lucky that we found James, he made selling our family's house an easy experience. He explained the process every step of the way. He was great to work with. We highly recommend James!!

Mary M

It was such a pleasure working with James!  He is both personal, professional and very knowledgeable.  We were brand new to the area and James went above & beyond to help familiarize us with our surroundings and all the town has to offer.  He answered all our questions and listened to our needs.  He has a great sense of humor! We got lots of follow-up emails texts & calls from James both during our search and  after the transaction was over just checking in on us.  Now James is more than our real estate agent, he is our new friend!   Do not hesitate, give James a call, you'll be treated very well!

Marc Spizzirri

The consummate professional, James is a breath of fresh air in an industry where professionalism is a rare commodity. I have had the pleasure of working with James as both a buyer and a seller.  His sincere desire to exceed all expectations in concert with his knowledge of the real estate market and the law is unparalleled, in my experience.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone in the market either buying or selling a home.

J.J. Mazzo

James is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. With so many Realtors in the area he really knows it like the back of his hand. Its' like working with a friend right out of the gate.

Mary Lou

I cannot say enough about James Scarcelli !  He gives 110%  with  integrity and excellence. He is  extremely detailed and patient and on top of all this, he is such a kind soul. One cannot  imagine getting any better service than this. I recommend him to everyone I know!

Sherry Ponzi

Professional, Honest & Highly Motivated
I hired James, not because he is a long time friend (which he is), but because his presentation far exceeded those of the other two reputable agents I contacted. He showed enthusiasm that the others didn't, believed in the value of my home and was quite adamant about listing the house at a price higher than expected. I worked hard to get my home "market ready" and worthy of a serious buyer's consideration; James worked hard to be sure we got the property sold and that I didn't have a nervous breakdown in the process ha ha! When my home warranty refused to take care of an A/C issue, he got involved and made it happen! In the end, it should always be a team effort between agent and seller. If you're looking for an agent you can believe in, one who not only loves what he does but is professional and honest... look no further. James Scarcelli is definitely someone worth considering whether you're buying or selling.

Collette Van Dyke

Excellent & Professional Realtor! James is a highly skilled and knowledegable real estate agent. He was able to sell our property under strict time conditions and at a great price. James is professional and truly cares about his clients. If you want someone who is sharp, caring, and highly adept with the ins and outs of real estate, go to James Scarcelli. Truly one of a kind.

Amy Wong

Available and great follow through James is very up to date on the Real Estate Market.I was pleased with his knowledge and how conscientious he was doing his best for his client.

Tom & Karen Fitzgibbons

It was great to work with James. He knows the industry and got us top dollar on our sale! James is a great guy to work with and makes the process the best it can be!

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